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Executive Coaching  & Mentoring  
Leadership Coach Executive
Management Consultant
Business Leadership Coach
Management Consulting
This is not your everyday run of the mill Executive Coach. Aimed at CEO's, Presidents and Senior Executives this is a personalised coaching service.
A leader is involved in making many decisions everyday. Not all of them are black and white or straight forward. This coaching is based on your real-life experiences and encounters on a daily basis.
This service allows you to call when you just need to talk to an unrelated, unbiased, no personal agenda Coach.
Management is a team activity.  
 Leadership and Management are terms  often confused or vague. 
They are the operational drivers of the business.
Our methodology is to work alongside the management team one on one first then assess how they work as a team, analyse where the areas of improvement are needed and develop a plan.  This plan aligns to the business goals
Leadership Development
Executive Leadership Mentoring
Leadership Development  
Professional Mentoring
Firstly we do not assume that one size fits all when it comes to designing a leadership program.  Leadership works within the context of the business you are in. The culture, industry nuances, and the professional skills.
The program is designed to equip leaders with  a small number of competencies at first, such as developing competitive strategies, better decision making, stronger people skills, advanced performance measuring and cultural alignment to corporate values and goals.
This is a results based integrated personal and professional based development program what addresses the most important aspects for your specific business in your specific industry.
Professional Mentoring starts with a phone call. This is a situational or as needed mentoring service. 
Use us once or use us every day - it is up to you.
What can we help with?
  • Working a room for networking;
  • Behaviour for certain situations or gatherings;
  • What to wear for important, formal or informal situations;
  • Reviewing your presentations and presentation skills;
  • Negotiation aid -  as support and feedback during negotiations.
And much more. Call or email to find out more. 
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Small steps can create big changes and even bigger profits.
Getting to Big the Small Way, is a hands-on resource for identifying where small changes in your business will achieve the greatest gains-without subjecting it to undue costs or unacceptable risks.
You will discover concrete techniques for developing a focused business strateg, that provides the necessary tools in order to trigger big advances in market share, competitiveness, and the bottom line.
Stand out in the marketplace without making radical changes in your business. 
Get all your employees on board with your strategy.

Refer to real-world examples to help you take action, as well as a scorecard for setting priorities and measuring results
A must read if you want to leverage the most of your business with low risk and potentially BIG impacts on your top and bottom lines.
Grow Your Business
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Increase Performance of your Business

The Culture of the People makes all the difference.

Business Development
Corporate Culture Change Management
Business Development 
Corporate Culture
Development of Sales and Marketing Strategies that are specific to your business. Produce the marketing messages that differentiate you and tells your story of WHY you are better. 
Understand who your real competitors are and what to do as a series of steps not just one leap.
Marketing inside the organisation with your people is as important as marketing outside. Get buy in from  everyone of the value of your company.
Training, Consultancy and Workshops are the delivery systems used that are tailored to your culture, your business, your style.

Utilising The Pacific Institute TM  technology and world-class programs this is an everlasting changing program for your organisation.
This program helps organisations and individuals realise their potential.
Everyone is capable of being more effective, engaged, and productive in their personal and professional lives. Yet few fully realise their maximum potential.
Our process is founded on scientifically proven principles that transform the mindsets of individuals. The result?
Staff is left empowered to make small, simple changes to see remarkable, sustained improvements in all aspects of their lives that translates to business growth. 
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Performance Analysis and Benchmarking Services

SME Business Analytics and Performance 
Do you know exactly how your business is performing based on your key business drivers? 
It is challenging to have a 360 view of the business when you depend on your financials as the only measure of success. In a lot cases by the time you get the financial statements it may be too late. They are effectively a history of what happened. You need to know what IS happening and what to do about it.
S.M.A.L.L. is a process and methodology that takes a scan of they critical business drivers of your business including customer perception and satisfaction, how your marketing messages are actually received, what your suppliers really think about you as a partner, your people and what skills you already have that are not being used, the effectiveness of your managers and decision makers, and the real cutlure that exists in the company.
Even though you do not have sophisticated computer systems to track all this like big corporates, FPG Consulting does the data gathering and research internally for you.
We use what you have and find what you don't have to give the full picture.
Find out more for an absolutely no obligation free consultation session on how this all works for you and the invaluable information this may uncover for your business growth and strategy development.
Business Performance Analysis Service for Small and Medium Size Businesses.
Depending on Financial Statements alone is a history lesson of what happened. You need to know what IS really happening and what to do about it.
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Customer & Partner Relationships

Become Obssessed about Customer and Partner Service

Negotiation Training
Innovation Business Development
Negotiation Training
Think Innovation Training
Negotiating is one of the most important life skills. It is essential for anyone in leadership positions and anyone dealing with your Customers, Partners or Suppliers.
This program implements skills and techniques to gain a win win in all situations.
Identification of what your "walk away" position before you start the negotiation process. 
Understanding the structure of negotiation.
Learn the emotionality of negotiating and stay in control while keeping empathy for the other party.
Developing new or enhancing existing products or services is essential in keeping up with the ever changing and disruptive technologies  that impact every industry and all businesses. 
The Thinking Innovation Workshop is one of the most popular because it produces brand new results while having fun. We look at specific products and services that you wish to develop or enhance and apply creative (lateral) techniques to design new ones. 
Realistic outcomes for future product and services development that allows you to be the disruptor in your market. 
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About Me

  • Over 25 years international business experience.
  • Former Vice-President, President and CEO of global companies.
  • Experience in Asia, USA and Europe.
  • Creation of distribution, reseller and agency channel networks.
  • Specialised, professional, and international.
  • 8 years Culture Change Management .
  • Application of Strategic new innovative business models.
  • People, Processes and Performance oriented in that order.
  • Every methodology based on real life experience and proven results.
  • Engagements are tailored for you business size and industry.
  • Access to a global network of experts and leaders in their fields.
  • Entrepreneurial experience with mentoring and coaching.
Frank Prestipino Global Consulting (FPG Consulting) is a small consultancy firm that is contemporary and visionary. Striving for Excellence in everything we do for our clients and their people. Results driven, our approach is about innovation, modern thinking,  creating BIG ideas but with realistic outcomes and expectations. Our reward comes from seeing others succeed and being part of their story. We are people oriented and our culture is based on team work, constructive work-style and integrity at everything we do for ourselves and for our clients.
We take the attitude that we do not engage in projects but partnerships for a defined period of time. Our job is to empower our customers through knowledge sharing, training, effective goal setting, planning, teaching how to develop strategy, train the trainer approaches and educating how, when and what to communicate as a key lifeline to the business.
If you are looking for something different in a consulting firm, something more creative but focussed, tailored but structured, collaborative but directed, process oriented but people driven then FPG Consulting will deliver on that difference and the results.
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